The AD2 Family of Precision Instruments

Creating Great Smiles Around the World

At AD2, enabling dental professionals to achieve superior patient results is our top goal. We do this each and every day by creating high precision, durable instruments that are well priced in all countries. Sure, we’re not the first company to make these types of products, but we are the first to:

Take a look at our current products below to see what AD2 is doing to shake up the industry. 

Articulator – not only does AD2 make one of the most precise articulators in the industry, it is also the best looking. Sure, maybe we’re a little biased, but style and precision rarely go hand-in-hand.  Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

MCD – just like the AD2 articulator, our MCD (Measures Condyle Displacement) is turning the industry on its head. There are other products out there that touch on condyle positioning, but with the AD2 team, we understand all great patient treatment starts here. We’ve built our MCD to be durable and deliver incredible accuracy….see for yourself.

Anatomic Facebow (and accessories)
 – built for ease-of-use so you get the right relationship of upper teeth & jaw to jaw joints every time. The lightweight aluminum construction ensures your patient is 100% comfortable, and the AD2 anodized finish ensures the facebow is a breeze to handle.


Hinge Axis Recorder – tired of paying $4000+ for an axipath system and getting the same thing that has been around for years?  At AD2, we understand your frustration and have designed a complete system, including stand, for half the price of our competitors.  Yet, we deliver the high quality equipment you've come to expect from AD2.  Take a look and see how......




Mounting Plates and Systems – when speed and accuracy matter, check out our mounting plates and magnetic system.  Even if you're not using AD2 equipment yet, we're still here to help you with our full line of compatible mounting plates for Whip Mix, Denar, Hanau, Panadent, Artex and Stratos articulators.  Try our plates now and start saving 50% or more compared to our competitors.