Advanced Dental Design (AD2) is a leading provider of precise, durable and affordable Dental Articulation Systems.

AD2 Dental Articulator (AR100010) Articulators & Accessories


Like other AD2 products, the AD2 articulator is machined from extruded aluminum and uses a polished green anodized finish (rather than powder coating) for long-lasting beauty.  The result is a strong, durable instrument that maintains its beautiful esthetics over time and is not subject to bubbling and peeling.

More of what you’re looking for…

Interchangeable Between Instruments

Thanks to the AD2’s high level of precision manufacturing, models mounted on one AD2 articulator can be transferred to another with no loss of accuracy.  That means transferring any patient’s models between offices or labs with a high level of confidence.  No more moving the “original” articulator from one location to another to preserve accuracy.  No more risk of theft or loss of the instrument.

Closer Approximation of Movement Patterns

Using interchangeable analogs (fossa boxes) based on the patient’s side shift and an adjustable angle of eminence, the AD2 articulator can closely approximate each patient’s mandibular movement patterns as the lower teeth cross the upper teeth.  The result: greater accuracy and a better final fit.

Greater Flexibility

With our latest innovation, AD2 articulators now incorporate modular incisal pins to provide you the ultimate in flexibility.  Whether you need a straight incisal pin calibrated in millimeters or a curved incisal pin (where the incisal pin stays in the same vertical position when the articulator is open and closed), one articulator lets you do it all.

Damage Preventing Shift Activators

Side shift activators secure the top of the articulator against the condyles during movement, reducing the danger that the upper and lower frames might separate and damage your instrument.

Convenient Centric Lock and Latch

The centric lock centers the upper frame to the lower frame, making it easier for the operator to move in and out of the centric slot.  Constructed of machined steel, this lock will not wear over time and ensures your articulator will always be in centric for many years.  The centric latch uses a unique magnetic system to hold the latch in the down position.  When you're ready to close the centric latch, simply press up to release the latch and engage it back in the upper frame.  No rubber bands....and nothing to break.

Industry Standard Design

The Arcon concept AD2 articulator is precision machined with an intercondylar distance of 110 mm, the industry standard you’re looking for in your next articulator.  Further, our articulators accommodate Bennett movements up to 2.5mm, and the angle of eminence can be set from 25° – 72°.

Easier Case Preparation and Presentation

To make it easier to work in and on the AD2 articulator, we specifically designed it for easier viewing and photographing of the lingual areas. In short, it’s a pleasure to work with and a breeze to use.

Lowest Prices

Precision, strength and durability used to translate into “high prices”.  With AD2, we’ve re-defined the meaning of these words.  The AD2 articulator is priced as much as 30-50% below many of our competitors, with precision and design features they can’t match.  Bottom line: better performance at a fraction of the cost.

Check Out The Entire AD2 System:

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Price: $729.00 
Bite Fork Assembly Bite Fork Assembly

This Bite Fork Assembly comes complete with everything you see here including the bite fork stem assembly #FB400030 and a flat bite fork #FB400028 for use with the AD2 Anatomic Facebow and other compatible brands.  Why limit yourself to working on one patient at a time with a single facebow when you can buy several bite fork assemblies and work on several patients at once.

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Price: $0.00 
Bite Fork Stem Assembly Bite Fork Stem Assembly

The stem assembly is used to attached bite forks #FB400028 and FB400029 to the AD2 Anatomic Facebow

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Price: $0.00 
Dental Supplies Dental Supplies

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Price: $42.95 
AD2 Professional System (AR100005) Equipment Systems

AD2 The Best of Everything

When you need the best equipment on the market bundled together in one convenient package, you want the AD2 Professional System. Combining our AD2 articulator (with test column and mounting stand), the AD2 MCD and our Anatomical Facebow, you’ll get everything you need to achieve the best results possible for your patients.  To complete your Professional System, we'll even include for free two precision mounting plates, one MCD patient graph pad and one MCD data sheet pad.


AD2Why is it called The Professional System?

When you are looking to achieve the best for your patients, you simply can’t afford to use equipment that is “close enough” or “pretty good”. AD2 equipment packs decades of experience by the best doctors in the world who built their names on great patient care. See for yourself what the professionals have to say about AD2.

AD2AD2: Making a Good Deal Great

How is it that AD2 can create high precision instruments affordably and then make them even more affordable? The answer is all in the AD2 Professional System. When you purchase this complete system, you’ll save almost $200 off the price of buying these items individually. All the same great products you'd expect with more savings in your pocket.......tough to beat!  And be sure to ask about our AD2 Professional System travel case so you and your AD2 equipment will always be safe and ready to work no matter where you are.

Want to Learn More About AD2 Equipment?

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Price: $0.00 
EZ Bows & Accessories EZ Bows & Accessories

Join the EZ Bow revolution today and start taking fast, accurate facebows! 

Based on the published findings of Dr. John Kois, the EZ Bow uses an average distance of 100mm from the incisal edge to the center of the hinge axis points to obtain the facebow record.  

So How Does it Work?

Simply snap a disposable index tray on the EZ Bow, add the bite registration compound of your choice, level the patient's head and turn on the laser cross hair.  Once you've centered the bow on the patient's facial midline, insert the bow and tray, raise into the maxillary arch and capture the bite.  If you want to see a quick demo video, see

How Do I Transfer the Patient's Bite Record to the Articulator?

Using one of AD2's adjustable platforms for the articulator of your choice, set the platform at the "0" mark, snap the index tray onto the platform and place the maxillary cast into the bite record.  You're done!

What if I Already Have a Kois Dento Facial Analyzer?

To start, you won't have to worry about bending your midline rod anymore or having difficulty visualizing the facial midline with the rod!  The EZ Bow's ingenious laser cross hair solves those problems.  Even better, your Kois index trays and Panadent transfer platform will work great with our EZ Bow.

How is the Laser Powered?

The laser crosshair for the EZ Bow is powered by a coin style battery (#CR2477).  Because the battery is almost 3x as thick as a standard lithium ion battery, you will be able to record hundreds of facebow records before a new battery might be needed.  When it's time, the CR2477 battery is widely available on Amazon and most retail stores that carry coin batteries.  There are 4 small. Phillips head screws on the back of the laser unit that can be unscrewed and the battery popped out and changed easily.

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Price: $249.00 
AD2 Anatomic Facebow (FB400000) Facebows & Accessories

Two Biteforks Instead of One

Where most competing facebows have just one bitefork assembly, the AD2 Facebow has two.  This makes it easier when using the Facebow on more than one patient at a time, improving your staff’s efficiency and productivity.  Additionally, each bite fork also has a convenient center line mark for quicker, more accurate setup.

Easier Upper Cast Mounting

The AD2 facebow features a mounting fixture that replaces the incisal guide table of the articulator, making it more convenient to indirectly mount the upper cast.

Handy Third Reference Point

The facebow comes with an orbital pointer for individual use, but also has a convenient nasion relator (made of soft sponge rubber for added comfort) to give you a 22 millimeter standard third reference point measurement when you mount models on an articulator on the axis orbital plane.

Integrated Bubble Levels

The AD2 facebow now comes with two bubble levels built into the facebow arms to measure level positions for both the anterior-posterior as well as transverse planes.  Why pay extra for add-on bubble levels that are clumsy to work with when AD2 integrates them in right from the start?

Check Out The Entire AD2 System:

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Price: $575.00 
FREE SAMPLES! Free Samples

The Price is Right When It's Zero

What's better than shopping online and saving money? Shopping online when it's free!! We figured that since we spend alot of time trying to meet new customers and give them samples to test, why not let potential customers just order samples direct for free?

Pick the Plates You Want

We've listed all of our mounting plates below for you to check out and order samples. All you need to do is create a login and password on our Order page and start adding sample packs to your cart. We'll send you free sample pairs within 24 hours for your lab tech to mount with and see just how great AD2 plates really are.

Free Means Free Shipping Too

We almost forgot to mention....not only are all the samples free but so is the shipping! So don't be shy and fill up your shopping cart today with the samples your office needs to give AD2 a try. You'll see quickly enough that not only are our plates less expensive, they also work much better than the manufacturer's plates in many instances. .

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Price: $0.00 
Hinge Axis Patient Graphs Hinge Axis Patient Graphs

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Price: $13.95 
AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder HA750000 Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories

With the AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder, we’ve made it easier and more cost efficient than other axiograph recorders to capture mandibular movement.  Constructed of anodized aluminum and manufactured in the USA, our Hinge Axis Recorder incorporates the best design ideas from top orthodontists.

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder
Fully Adjustable Side Arms

Smooth, thumb screw adjustments are used for both anterior/posterior and vertical movements. Stylus pins and marking pencils are easily installed in seconds with a turn of a screw.  And don’t worry about having to use rubber bands to hold the pencil lead in place…..all AD2 pencil lead holders come spring loaded for your convenience. 

One-Step Clutch Process

Incorporating a great idea from Dr. Ted Freeland,  we use a polished steel clutch plate combined with a biocryl suck-down that requires no plaster so doctors can make a clutch quickly while maximizing patient comfort.   Stackable discluders in 2mm thicknesses can be easily added as needed, depending on the patient’s bite.

Lightweight Flag Assembly

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder
Using Teflon coated, anodized aluminum, we’ve designed a lightweight flag assembly that maximizes patient comfort. The arms adjust in all directions with a simple thumbscrew, and then neoprene and Velcro straps secure the assembly to the patient’s head.   We never lose sight of the simple conveniences, which is why we’ve used polished stainless steel flag support plates….no need for lubricant anymore to remove the adhesive flags.

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder

The Complete Solution

You can always be confident that, with AD2, you’re purchasing a total solution so you can get to work the moment it’s delivered.  Our Hinge Axis Recorder comes complete with everything you need including the mounting stand, full recording system, and even multi-colored pencil leads.  All this comes packaged in a convenient plastic travel case that will make you wonder why you waited so long.

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Price: $1,895.00 
AD2 MCD II (Measuring Condylar Displacement) MC100010 MCD & Accessories

Quick, Easy 3D Measurements

The MCD lines up on the same axis as the AD2 articulator, allowing the user to measure changes on a three-dimensional basis (anterior-posterior, vertical and transverse) from CR to CO when you place the models on the MCD with the CO bite.

This gives you critical diagnostic information when one of your basic treatment goals is seated condylar position – centric relation.

More Stable Splint Therapy

The MCD is perfect for following the condylar position change during splint therapy, providing an important indicator that the condylar position has achieved the stability level you desire.

Built-In Handling Ease and Convenience

The MCD comes with a handy mounting column to provide protection when not in use, and has side extensions at the incisal pin area for greater stability in the upper frame, making it easier to accurately place graph papers to measure the condylar change.

Check Out The Entire AD2 System:

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Price: $649.00 
MCD Data Sheets MCD Data Sheets

Providing great patient treatment can get involved, and AD2 can help you keep your data organized.  With our MCD Data Sheets, you’ve got a convenient method to manage hinge axis and MCD records, store data of condylar change during occlusal splint therapy and convert mandibular position centric occlusion headfilm to a mandibular position centric relation headfilm.

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Price: $0.00 
MCD Patient Graphs MCD Patient Graphs

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Price: $0.00 
Mounting Plates and Systems Mounting Plates & Accessories

Precision and Convenience

While some manufacturers pay little attention to mounting plates, we realize this is where success starts.  If your mounting plates don’t fit properly, the precision and accuracy of your case work is lost immediately.  That’s why we rigorously test our plate designs long before they ever hit the market to ensure they fit tight, with no rotation or jiggle.  At AD2, we understand that your success determines our success….we’re all in this together.

Mounting Plates for All Popular Articulator Brands

Not all dental professionals are using AD2 instruments yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver accuracy, precision and savings to you.  AD2 now manufactures plates for most leading articulator brands, including Stratos, Artex, Whip Mix, Hanau, Denar, Panadent and SAM.  Manufactured exclusively in the USA, our complete line of mounting plates and systems delivers the precision and accuracy you’ve come to know in AD2.


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Price: $149.00 
Mounting Table Mounting Table

This mounting table is included as a standard item in the AD2 Anatomic Facebow FB400000 and is for use with AD2 articulators and other compatible brands.  The table is used in place of the articulator incisal table and allows for indexing of the bite fork assembly.  Constructed of aluminum and anodized in our AD2 green, our mounting table can be used for both short and tall articulators

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Price: $0.00 
Nasion Relator Nasion Relator

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Price: $0.00 
IDT Special Offer! Seahorse Travel Cases

AD2 Magnetic Articulator with Curved Incisal Pin (AR100024)
AD2 Anatomic Facebow (FB400000)

Travel Easy with Seahorse Cases!

When AD2 started supplying plastic travel cases with our instruments, we looked at numerous possibilities. Sure, there are loads of cases available in the market, but we ultimately chose Seahorse Manufacturing to be our exclusive supplier.  

Soon enough, we discovered that our customers needed a source for a wide variety of cases to handle all of their office and lecturing needs.  AD2 is all about customer satisfaction so we're pleased to offer you the complete Seahorse line, all at great prices (what else would you expect from us!)

Why Seahorse?

Not all plastic cases are created equal!  You need a case durable enough to protect your patient records and instrumentation, light enough to carry comfortably wherever you go and compact enough to carry on a plane. Seahorse has over 17 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the most durable cases in the industry.

Durable Construction

All Seahorse cases are constructed from high impact plastic and designed and tested for maximum durability. Add in some custom foam inserts and you have a travel case that can go anywhere safely.

Loads of Standard Features

A great price doesn't mean you get a bare bones case!  All Seahorse cases include:

       *   Molded-in padlock holes
       *   Watertight construction (every case seals shut with an O-ring)
       *   Automatic pressure purge system (maintains the proper internal air pressure for easy opening and closing)
       *   Multiple standard case colors to choose from (color selection varies by case)

Options, Options and More Options

Need more bells and whistles to design the perfect case?  Seahorse makes it easy with loads of options, including:

       *   Custom foam inserts for securing and protecting your contents
       *   Keyed locks
       *   Waterproof panel kit
       *   Custom colors

Lifetime Guarantee

All Seahorse cases come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  If any component part breaks, it will be replaced free-of-charge.

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Price: $28.40